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Compile PDF from Pages using Automator

October 11, 2019

For those who don’t know that the Automator is: URL In the terminal execute: automator compile_pdf.workflow Content of compile_pdf.workflow: set filePath t...


September 26, 2019

Here I decided to put together all the things related to Google Cloud storage buckets. To install the utility it’s better to follow these instructions Lis...

Trip to Slovakia - Part 2

June 5, 2019

Вторая серия путешествий по Словакии Переночевали возле станции Pod Lesom и отправились на электричке до конечной станции Štrbské Pleso. В конце третьего дн...

Trip to Slovakia - Part 1

May 27, 2019

Первая серия путешествий по Словакии Переночевали в Братиславе (Bratislava) и отправились на поезде в Попрад (Poprad), откуда на электричке поднялись в горы...

RGB Apple Magic Keyboard

April 16, 2019

The 3d model is split into two parts to make it printable. After the print I used glue and two M4 bolts to put them together. Then 37 RGB LEDs (WS2811) and ...

FreeCAD Basics and Ultimaker Cura

February 28, 2019

В этом видео я показал как можно смоделировать трубку в среде FreeCAD (Spreadsheet, Pad, Pocket), а затем порезать на слои в Ultimaker Cura. Распечатал с по...

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Programs for macOS

December 16, 2018

I’ve been using Mac OS for a pretty long time. During this period I tried a lot of things and met some problems. Now I want to make something like a list of...

Quantum Internet Hackathon

October 14, 2018

Объявление про хакатон На выходных 13 — 14 октября прошёл первый хакатон по Квантовому Интернету в Амстердаме, организаторами которого выступили RIPE NCC и...

Home Automation using Raspberry Pi and HomeKit

October 11, 2018

Currently this post is available only in russian (will translate it soon…) Зачем мы всё это делаем? Цель этого поста – показать как можно поставить homebr...

tmux vs screen

October 6, 2018

Due to I have many services and servers on Raspberry Pi I need to spend some time after turning on and relaunching the RPi to start every service and server...

Packages for Atom Text Editor

October 2, 2018

Since I’ve been using Atom for a pretty long time, I decided to write a few words about it. One of the main points for me are: (1) it’s open sourced, all s...

Programming simple chatbot for Telegram

September 28, 2018

Currently this post is available only in russian (will translate it soon…) Примерный план: Склонировать репозиторий TinyTelegramBot, в котором лежат необх...

Home Automation

July 22, 2018

Project Gallery of relay with multiple controls. Used Raspberry Pi and HomeKit by Apple.

Parser Bot

June 7, 2018

Project The main purpose of bot @FPMI_bot is to post in the channel @FPMIAnnouncement (there are no implemented “slash”-commands in the bot since all the d...

Demonstration of Quantum State Tomography

June 5, 2018

Project, Post on Facebook Is this a demo of quantum state tomography? 💁🏻‍♂️🦋 #IsThisaPigeon #zero or #oneProject on #GitHub: ...

Quantum Hackathon

May 18, 2018

Post on Facebook Link to description of hackathon Our team including @Dart_dr and Anton Bozhedarov won the first #Quantum Hackathon in Russia! 🎉#QuantumCo...

Quantum Computing Bot for Slack

May 14, 2018

Project, Post on Facebook Together with my colleagues @RuQuantumCenter we integrated QuantumComputingBot to @qiskit workspace @SlackHQ 🎉 It helps to monito...

Quantum Computing Bot for Telegram

May 10, 2018

Project, Post on Facebook Developed a tiny #Telegram bot which helps to monitor the load of #IBM Q processors using #qiskit 🙂 Bot:

Quantum Keypad

April 3, 2018

Quantum Keypad for real quantum programmers #Quantum Keypad for real quantum programmers. Implemented using @Raspberry_Pi Zero W and other #DIY things. Work...

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November 29, 2017

LegalEngine - “qqmbr” team. Project, Devpost, Diploma


November 12, 2017

1st place, LauzHack2017 at EPFL, Switzerland. Project, Devpost, Presentation, Post on MIPT Stream

Neurocampus Hackathon

September 24, 2017

2nd Place Diploma, Project, @SenseOfSpeech_bot telegram-bot, Presentation


July 4, 2017

Make some notes about researches and other scientific stuff ->


March 5, 2017

Project, Presentation, Post on ITMO.NEWS

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Trip to Junction2016

December 1, 2016

Currently this story is available only in russian (will translate it soon…) Расскажу немного про свой опыт поездки на Junction2016 в Хельсинки. Принять уча...


November 27, 2016

My first hackathon. Used Gensim and Twitter API. Diploma Here you can find my review of the whole trip to Junction 2016

Bot for ipy2pdf

May 13, 2016

Project ipy2pdf Script to convert notebook.ipynb, containing russian/cyrrilic symbols, into notebook.pdf. Installation Usage Output pytho...

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