Programs for macOS


I’ve been using Mac OS for a pretty long time. During this period I tried a lot of things and met some problems. Now I want to make something like a list of useful programs and extensions that will make workflow more effective.

Development. Work with Text

Text Editor: Atom

Development with Python: PyCharm

Command line: iTerm2

Flashing/burning images: balenaEtcher

The program generates preview for jupyter-notebooks: Jupyter Notebook Viewer

QuickLook-plugin, which allows to see the content of any text file with a pressing of space-bar: QuicklookStephen

Photo. Video. Music

Photo and Video editing: Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro

Compression of Photos: JPEGmini

Disc burning (especially I’m interested in Blu-ray format): Toast Titanium

Player for watching Blu-ray format: Blu-ray Player Pro

Great audio player: VOX

The program for viewing, editing and writing music (notes): Sibelius


Great mini-calendar for menu bar: Itsycal

The program allows to adjust brightness of external monitor: MonitorControl

Fast adjustment of position and size of any windowed program: BetterSnapTool

Control of rotating speed of fans: smcFanControl

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