Here you can find my projects and CV (added below)

Highlighted projects

  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) - Engine and Applications
    [💎 citations on Google Scholar] [Medium Story] [Blog Post]
  • Quantum Keypad and Classical Joytick
    [⭐️ recognised by IBM Research] [Blog Post]
  • QISKit bot for Slack
    [Blog Post]
  • Analysis of methods and drugs discussed in papers submitted to PubMed (created during a hackathon on bioinformatics Biohack2017)
    [🗞 ITMO.NEWS] [Blog Post]
  • Converter of Jupyter notebooks to PDF
  • Legal Engine service (created during Junction2017)
    [Blog Post]
  • A series of jupyter notebooks dedicated to introduction to Quantum Computing
  • Reverse Engineering in Dispersion Engineering
    [Blog Post]